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chiropractic_1_2_330x281.jpg STRUCTURE:

Your spine is the foundation of your body. Imagine all the slips, falls, bumps, bruises, accidents, jumps, twists, etc that you've subjected your body to over the years. While you may not experience any pain

currently, those events have likely caused a cumulative effect on your spine and joints. The first thing we look for in the office is for any damage to your spine so we can try to slow or stop it from continuing.

If you were a car, a bridge, a building, any other structure you would get checked on a regular basis to prevent failure. Our approach is just that, some people need an overhaul, some need some

reinforcing, others need just to be checked from time to time to keep in the best condition possible.

Don't Wait, Get checked and protect your long term health!

If the structure of you spine wasn't reason enough to get checked by a chiropractor, you should know the impact of compromised structure on the function of your body. When the bones of the spine become locked up in an improper manner (Vertebral Subluxation) all the tissues around the joint are effected. That includes muscles, ligaments, and most importantly the nerves. As the nerves get squeezed and irritated, they don't just cause pain, the messages that go to your vital organs (glands, lungs, heart, digestive system, reproductive system, EVERYTHING) are interrupted and you don't function as well as you should. So could your spine be the cause of your symptoms whatever they may be? The only way to find out is to have the misalignment in the spine corrected and let the body work its' magic!! Chiropractic has worked for many people with almost every symptom. Each person is different, and each spine is different.

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kids_colic_chiropractic_1_.jpg VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION
This picture illustrates the damaging effect of vertebral subluxation on a nerve exiting the spine. A subluxation is the misalignment of one bone of the spine in relation to the bone above or below. The misalignment causes irritation and interference to the nerves which run every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. You may or may not be aware of this condition in your body, only a chiropractor is qualified to check for this condition. Get checked, get adjusted,and let the life flow through your nervous system the way it should with no interference!!

100_0578_379x236.jpg ADJUSTMENTS:
To correct the subluxation in the spine we use a variety of tools to locate the compromised areas that need to be addressed. When we have located a subluxation we attempt to correct the misalignment by putting a specific physical force into that area of the spine using our hands or a chiropractic instrument. This force is call the adjustment and is directed in a specific direction, with the lowest force and greatest speed possible for best results. Adjustments are safe when applied properly, DO NOT adjust yourself or anyone else!

Chiropractic is not designed to treat neck and back pain. That assumption exists because that is where the scientific studies have been conducted and because so many chiropractors advertise that message. Chiropractic is designed to remove the pressure from the nerves and to stabilize the structure of our spines. Rather than waiting for our bodies to break down or symptoms to arise, chiropractic works to keep your body and those of your family working at their maximum ability - preventing the symptoms from beginning. A wise old chiropractor always reminds me "The body is always better off with the nerve channels open and life flowing naturally from your brain to all areas of your body." How healthy is your family and when was the last time they were checked for subluxation?

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